Develop narrative text and images

Develop narrative text and images


Start by browsing examples of Story Maps here: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/en/. For basic instructions on working with Story Maps, please visit: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/en/app-list/basic/tutorial/. The first thing you need to do is create a web map, but since you already created one in assignment 2, you could start experimenting with Story Maps using the bike racks web map you have already created. Once
you start getting comfortable with the possibilities for your project, proceed as follows:
1. Think about a theme/topic for your project. e.g. A recent vacation/trip, a social or environmental issue of interest, something about the city/neighbourhood where you currently live or where you grew up, something to do with a hobby such as music or sports venues in Ottawa or other city/province etc.
2. Choose a suitable template for your Story Map. You might want to experiment with a few using your initial web map before you really get started.
3. Start assembling/acquiring spatial data that will be the focal point of your Story Map. You may wish to collect some GPS data using ArcGIS collector, as you did for assignment 2, but this is not required and may not be possible depending on what region of the world you are mapping. If you are implementing a photo tour, then the image locations themselves may be the focal data.
4. Look for supporting spatial and non-spatial data sources to include
a. Note the many spatial data sources available through our institution via ArcGIS online.
These may serve as useful base map imagery.
b. Develop narrative text and images for the story map pages based on research or personal experience.
5. Assemble the story map sections in a logical order, including a captivating title an introductory or “landing” page followed by the main content sections.
6. Take your time revising and improving the look and feel of your story map. Ask peers for design advice/feedback.

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