Differences Between PR And Marketing

Differences Between PR And Marketing


Public relations runs society. It is what drives peoples opinions and preferences. It is used for everything and influences everything. For example, Paula Dean used to be a popular chef. She influenced and was involved in a lot of our own homemade meals. She portrayed herself as a sweet southern bell that made the most delicious food. It only took one comment to tarnish her image and to have many people not look her way anymore. This is a perfect example of how public relations influences our lives.
PR is also involved in social media. It influences what pops up on our instagrams and facebooks as far as advertising.
Describe the four PR models, and give a description of a PR campaign (it can be a real campaign or one that you make up) that would fit each model (spend roughly a paragraph describing each campaign).
Give a description of how political branding has been used in this past presidential election. Be sure to give at least two examples of political branding used by each major party’s candidate.
What are three differences between PR and marketing?
Summarize the history of advertising in the 19th century. Be sure to name at least three major concepts or techniques that emerged during this time that became foundational for advertising today.
Describe three possible positive effects of advertising and three possible negative effects.
Copy a link to a commercial on YouTube that engages in the Slippery Slope fallacy, and give an explanation of why you think this commercial is an example of that fallacy.
Describe three different ways that Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) can affect the ways that we present our identity in online interactions.
Explain what Marshal McLuhan means when he says “the medium is the message.”

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