Chapter 5: Identify two specific personal examples of times when choice of language led to positive or negative results in your own interpersonal relationships.

For each situation/example:

  1. Cite the person(s) involved, the place of the occurrence, the situation, and the language used.
  2. Then identify the type of language (sexist, racist, powerful or powerless, ambiguous, abstract, euphemism, relative words, evaluative language, etc.) and note the results of each incident.
  3. How did language play a pivotal role in these experiences?
  4. Each example should illustrate a different issue with language.
  5. Be sure to include terms from the chapter to help explain the results of positive and negative language in your interpersonal relationships.

Chapter 6: Give a personal example of how you have used at least three (3) of the types of nonverbal communication discussed in Chapter 6: body movement, face and eyes, posture and gestures, touch, voice, distance, territoriality, time, physical attractiveness, clothing, and physical environment. Note that these examples should reflect specific incidents, not just general tendencies.

  1. Based on these examples, personal reflection, and comments made to you by others, how do you rate yourself as a nonverbal communicator in terms of frequency, awareness, and accuracy of encoding and decoding messages? Again, be specific.
  2. Be sure to include terms from the chapter to help explain the types of nonverbal communication you use in your interpersonal relationships.

-Clear references to the textbook are required in both the original thread post and both peer responses for all course DBs.

  • Textbook references should come from the chapter(s) specified in the assignment prompt and be clearly connected to your post and the assignment topic.
  • Be sure and include the chapter and page number from the textbook in your posts, for example (chapter 2, 59), just as you would do for any research paper/post!
  • should be at least 500-600 words total and have a least 1 textbook reference from each specified chapter. You will have 2 references per original DB post.


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