Discuss the general life cycle of a fluke and a tapeworm. Enumerate the stages of developmentWhat is the Levinthal paradox? Explain with the aid of a diagram how

it is resolved.

(ii) A 60 amino acid protein folds into a globular structure in 0.2 ??s. Assuming that the backbone ? and ? dihedrals can adopt 2 conformations each, estimate how many different conformations it can visit in this time and what fraction of the possible conformations it can visit in this time, if it takes 10-11 s to visit a single conformation.

[15 marks]

(b) (i) Homology modelling is a computational method for predicting the structure of a protein. Describe the three main steps in homology modelling. What information on

(ii) Suppose you wanted to use homology modelling to predict the structure of a 30 amino acid protein with sequence 1. Identify if sequence