Discussion 8 Econ

Review the attached presentations on exchange rates.

Then go to the X-Rates Web site (http://x-rates.com) and find the current:

  1. Exchange rate for the US Dollar (USD) and any other country’s currency that you wish to study. Do NOT select the Chinese Yuan as your other currency because it is not a freely floating currency.
  2. Then, in the Monthly Average display, select the last 12 months from the drop down menus and click on “Go.”
  3. Based on the 12 months of data, which currency is appreciating (gaining value) and which is depreciating (losing value)? Remember it can do both in a year.

Report your findings to the class in your discussion post. 

  • Exchange Rates Part 1
  • Exchange Rates Part 2
  • Exchange Rates Part 3



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