Hi, I need help with discussion board-Initial Post-10 meaningful sentences-

Initial Post: What kind of training and experience do you think would be necessary before you could conduct family therapy. Explain your rationale. Be sure to connect your response to something you learned in Chapter 14. To clearly illustrate that connection, your response must contain the page number from the textbook in order to earn full credit.

Attached is chapter 14. Family Therapy

I also need reply (5 meaningful sentences) to the following post: This does not need to be connected to content in the textbook.

POST for reply: Personally, I think that I would want to have, and probably need, experience with individual therapy before I would feel comfortable conducting a family therapy session for obvious reasons. The book emphasizes how important it is to be able to attend to each of the individuals in session with warmth and genuine empathy, giving them each the attention they deserve (Corey, p. 410). I think that is something that I would feel more comfortable applying if I had experience doing it with one client at a time before having to balance the attention in a family session to each family member. The dynamic of a session is innately different in a family session than it is in a one-on-one session simply because there are more people involved. In therapy, you want to make sure that you have that connection with each person in the room so that you can facilitate change in all of them. In a family setting, all parties need to be on the same page and actively make changes in their system (Corey, p. 415).

Having experience conducting a session and feeling comfortable with being directive as to maintain control over the session as a therapist is something that I think there should be training on. With multiple people and multiple personalities in the room, it is easy to see how a session could turn from a conversation into an argument. Learning skills to avoid that from happening, or to bring the focus back if it does happen would be necessary as well.


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