Dissertation Topic PhD

Dissertation Topic PhD


Choose A topic Identify a topic. What is the problem you want to address (must come from the literature and be cited). Who are saying there are problems? What has been done so far about the problem? Locate peer-reviewed articles related to your topic. What was the research questions in the studies? What findings were reported? Identify a gap in literature to justify your research. What is the purpose of your proposed study (be specific and clear)? What is the population you would like to address? What methodology are you planning on using? i.e. quantitative or qualitative?

Compare common methods to find which is most successsful in reducing the prevalence of social engineering. Why: “The development and implementation of robust counter…….. Kaabouch, 2019). What: What is the question you are looking to answer? Which is most successful?

Which measures are you wanting to compare?

How: Address how you will answer this? By doing what? Gathering what data

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