The primary purpose of this assignment is to reflect on the ultimate happiness in relation to what the philosophers explain brings happiness and to your signature strengths.

Expectations: You have completed a survey about happiness, and read/studied chapter 7 of your text book.

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Diverse Challenges of The Pandemic

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You have completed a survey about happiness, and read chapter 7 of your text book.
Send me a copy of your top 5 signature strengths in a word document. This you can copy and paste from the website.
In the form of three paragraphs – complete the following task:
Paragraph 1:

Were you surprised at all by the strengths mentioned as results for the survey? Why?

Pick three of these strengths and describe how they have been important to you since you began high school in Grade 9. Give concrete examples.


Paragraph 2:

How have your strengths been put to the test during the pandemic? In what way have they helped you to not only cope but to grow through the diverse challenges of the pandemic? Give concrete examples.


Paragraph 3:

How have these strengths influenced your career choices and course of study for the immediate and distant future? How do you see these strengths helping to provide for your happiness in the future? Again, give concrete examples.



†          Does the student demonstrate knowledge of concepts of happiness, the good life, virtues, standards of excellence – acquired from class discussion and/or chapter readings?


Thinking and Inquiry

Does the student demonstrate sincerity and honesty when approaching the signature strengths assignment?
Has the student demonstrated critical and creative thinking skills?


†        Does the student communicate information and ideas clearly?

†        Does the student communicate message of “happiness” with a sense of 




†          Does the student apply and transfer the ideas and concepts from discussions/readings to the reflection?

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