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Write 1200-1500 word apa style essay that address the following. 
1. What are some stereotypes associated with three other primary dimensions you have learned discuss in detail

2. What are three secondary dimensions that impact your daily life professionally and personally and why

3. Thinking of primary dimensions of diversity identify two underrepresented And marginalized groups discuss why they may be underrepresented Or marginalize then describe how you may advocate for them


also is apa style in cite citations and references to support the source


need a title page and reference page 

Read How Would You Define Diversity? On the Navy Supply Corps Newsletter site in Additional Materials. Select three primary dimensions and three secondary dimensions of diversity and then discuss how they may have impacted who you have built friendships and relationships with.

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for this assignment review the lecture and answer the questions:

This week, we are talking about some of the very basic concepts of Child Development. One of these concepts is “diversity” – specifically, how diverse environments can influence the developing child. Remember, while development is due to a combination of nature and nurture, environment (nurture) can have a strong influence.

Assignment below:

Give a detailed example of how your own or another family you know may know, illustrates two of the characteristics (roles, rules, independence, etc.) I spoke of in my lecture. Define the terms you use and cite your sources.

**The lecture is attached below

please respond with 300 words

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