Doctoral Academic Study & Writing

Doctoral Academic Study & Writing

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You have utilized inductive reasoning your entire life. Inductive reasoning is the act of presenting observations as to support a conclusion. The act of inductive thinking relies upon the ability to identify patterns and connections observations and claim. By utilizing such connections, you can use inductive thinking to determine the likelihood that a claim is true. You will use inductive thinking as the guiding principle for this milestone project.

This unit’s milestone project involves the creation of a four-page inductive essay. After reviewing Unit 1’s lecture videos and reading assignments, begin Exercise 3: Examining Intention located at the end of Chapter 1 (page 35) in the textbook. After completing the exercise, make sure the margin notes identify the (a) thesis statement; (b) the essay’s audience; (c) the tone of the essay; and (d) support of the thesis statement. Afterward, organize the margin notes into observations best conveying your thoughts regarding Satel’s essay.

Using your observations, create a four-page inductive essay supporting your conclusion regarding whether Satel’s discussion of the topic was adequate. The following mini-outline may help you organize your essay:

  1. An introduction signposting the reader to the topic and your inductive essay.
  2. One paragraph involving your first observation
  3. One paragraph involving your second observation
  4. One paragraph involving your final observation.
  5. One to two paragraphs presenting your conclusion regarding whether Satel’s discussion of the topic was adequate.

Remember to use the essay template and APA formatting for the essay. The essay should also incorporate:

  1. Three APA formatted short quotes. (You may review this link regarding short quotes.
  2. APA formatted body text and level headings as shown in the essay template.
  3. One-inch margins, all around, as shown in the essay template.
  4. A proper title page, as shown in the essay template.

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