Dq response. | Nursing homework help

Dq response. | Nursing homework help


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When working and discussing issues with my preceptor, we have discussed what impacts hospitals the most especially right now and we both concluded that emergency rooms are still busy and now with Covid patients, the stress level is even higher. Patients are waiting to see their primary care providers because they are scared to go out and their medical problems that are normally managed are out of control. Due to an increase in sick medical patients and sick Covid patients, emergency rooms remain impacted. 

     Emergency rooms continue to face issues that arise and it seems to be the nurses that have the best suggestions to improve. A clinical problem that busy emergency rooms face is customer satisfaction. Patients are our customers and they want to be treated with high-quality care and with compassionate nurses. Nurses can work together to create a safe and comforting environment. Nurses provide a service to the communities that we serve and live in and it is our job to make sure they have a positive one. One implication or tool that nurses can use is AIDET. AIDET is a tool that “can improve patients’ perceptions of how they are treated; acknowledge, introduce, duration, explanation, thank you—is a framework that gives health care workers tools to improve communication with patients” (Barber, 2018, pg. 3). This tool can be used by nurses to help improve overall satisfaction. Another implication that nurses can use is to engage frontline staff by encouraging them to round on their patients and informing them of their plan despite delays. 

     Due to the increase in Covid patients, nurses and staff of hospitals are becoming sick with Covid. Despite personal protection equipment, nurses and emergency technicians in the ED are becoming sick. “We need to be extremely careful in decreasing the transmission of this nasty virus in the future” (AHC Media, 2020). Nurses and hospital staff are becoming sick with Covid-19 and are fighting the virus but are fearful of coming to work. With staff becoming sick, there is an increase in nursing shortage and this creates challenges among staff and schedules. It is our job to protect ourselves and protect our loved ones by practicing good hand hygiene and respecting good practices.

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