Imagine you are the only IT employee at Drotos Engineering. After discussing the company needs with the company owner, referred to as Senior, you recommended the company transition to a cloud-based IT management solution. Senior directed you to create a high-level overview of what it would take to migrate the company’s internal, private network to a cloud-based solution.
Create the following materials to review with Senior:

A diagram of the current network environment
A diagram of the proposed cloud-based network environment with annotations of what is new or changed from the current environment
A 3- to 4-page summary that includes:

A rationale for transitioning from the traditional network environment to a cloud-based environment (i.e., how the cloud-based solution is better than trying to modify and adapt the current network to meet the business needs)
The identification of new or different hardware requirements to support the cloud-based environment
A listing of the high-level steps to implement the recommended cloud-based solution

A listing of additional considerations or information needed to create a more thorough listing

A final opinion as to whether the proposal will address all of the business’s needs or whether additional modifications or solutions will eventually be needed

Create your diagrams in Microsoft® Visio® and write your summary in Microsoft® Word.


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