Due tomorrow …… please read…….

Due tomorrow …… please read…….


This assignment is due tomorrow……. must have done by tomorrow…… no late work please….. 

Do the following……… follow all instructions……  select topic from the list below to write about…… 


Choose a topic from the  list below that is of interest to you and review two scholarly articles that explores different aspects of your topic.  (your textbook may not be used as one of your sources ). 

For example, if your topic is asthma, you might find an article that discusses where elementary school age children should store  inhalers;  in their backpacks or the nurse’s office.  You may find a different article that suggests there are more cases of children with asthma from lower income levels  compared to children in other income levels.   Some information will be the same, what is asthma, causes of asthma, etc.  Each article will also contain article specific information, inhalers and income levels.  

Scholarly Resources that may be helpful

Your report,

  • Identify each article by title, author(s), periodical or journal, issue, date.
  • Give a summary of each article.  Include definitions and various perspectives on the topic.
  • In what ways do the article relates to the other.   Identify how the articles agree or disagree on various aspects of the topic?  
  • Summarize how each article broadened your understanding of your topic of interest.

Your report needs to be between 2 1/2 – 4 pages in length and double spaced.

Choose a topic of interest from the list below: 

Designer babies (manipulating DNA)

DNA use in identification

Identical twins raised in different homes

Identical twins and Fraternal twins 

Newborn sleeping patterns


Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding

What does high quality out-of-home infant care look like

The effects of alcohol-abuse on a developing fetus

Reading to infants

Natural childbirth vs. use of epidurals (pain management)

Hospital birth or home birth

Pink or blue- gender stereotyping from the beginning

 Preterm (premature) babies

Childproofing your home

Well infant doctor visits


Teen mothers

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