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June 11, 2021

ABS 497 -3/3

June 11, 2021

Paper details:
Please refer to files attached.
Assignment requirements
(Please remember to use the pronoun ‘ I ’ )
In this journal entry, writer have to critically reflect on the importance of sponsored and autonomous co-creation in the digital economy.
Please use appropriate real-world examples when describing these concepts and how they relate to virtual communities, the commons, collective intelligence, and open innovation.
Word limit – minimum 750 and maximum of 800 (excluding reference page and citing reference)
Reference page , with 4 to 5 citation in APA style.
Please give at least one citation from the Online Reading Article : Zwass, V. (2010)……
Attached is Journal for Reading in relation to this assignment.
Online Reading: Zwass, V. (2010). Co-creation: Toward a taxonomy and an integrated research perspective. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 15(1), pp. 11–48.


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