Week 1 – Assignment: Evaluate The Price Of Unethical Behavior

June 5, 2021

It is a paper of a maximum of 5 pages. You can consider any international trade topic of your interest. Here you have a list of topics that you may want to consider. You should take this as an opportunity to be creative. 

  • Descriptive analysis of trade between any two countries.
  • Growth and trade experiences.
  • Trade disputes.
  • Trade agreements.
  • Brexit.
  • Multinationals paying taxes in low corporate tax countries.
  • Disputes regarding government subsidies to some production sectors.
  • Inequality and trade.
  • Technology and trade.
  • Structural changes in some industries: Automobile, aircraft, AI,
  • Covid-19 and trade De-Globalization/Slowbalization
  • Supply chain disruptions.

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