Effects Of Contemporary Issues Regarding Health And Advertising On The Public

Effects Of Contemporary Issues Regarding Health And Advertising On The Public


There are two sections:

“Media Theory in Practice”

For the first two questions, you should pick one term from below to fill in the blank for each question:

Audience Reception Textual Analysis Production and Political Economy

Quantitative Semiotics Encoding Decoding

Multiculturalism Hegemony

By looking at the whole corporate structure and business model of a movie studio (who owns it, what other media companies they own, what other films they have produced, how much profit their films have made, etc.), you can explain a great deal about why a particular franchise made by this studio has been successful. You are using the ________________________________ component of a cultural studies approach.

The media industry embeds a dominant, or preferred meaning, in a media text. This is called __________________. At the other end of this process, a media-literate consumer can choose to resist or challenge that meaning by seeing this text in an alternative way. This is called __________________.

Choose one piece of media (a film, a video game, an advertising campaign for a particular product, a popular song by a particular artist, a TV show, etc. – *must be different to what you’re focusing on for your Practicum*), and describe how you would use EITHER the Cultural model OR the Social Scientific model to analyze its content (i.e. its message).

There are four serious contemporary issues regarding Health and Advertising. Choose ONE of these, give an example of a potentially harmful effect of it on the public, then imagine how you would fix it.

Why did Gloria Steinem, founding editor of Ms. Magazine, have such a hard time finding companies to buy advertising space in her magazine? Give one example of a company that resisted advertising in this women’s magazine (and why they resisted), and discuss how you think things would be different now.

In conservative talk radio voices like Rush Limbaugh, qualities of compassion and empathy are equated with weakness. How might this type of media message be harmful to democracy (a system that is designed to work through consensus and compromise)?

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