Elimination diet paper | Biology homework help

Elimination diet paper | Biology homework help



For the following assignment, you will pick casein, gluten or soy to eliminate from your diet for 2 weeks.  State which category of food you are eliminating and why you chose this particular food (i.e. are you addicted to this food, suffering from food allergies, etc.)  Also state whether you have a history of autoimmune diseases or behavioral problems in your family (Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, IBD, Autism, ADD , ADHD).
It will be extremely important to read food labels to make sure no derivatives of this food are in the product you are eating.  For example, if you choose to avoid casein products and a candy bar has butter, whey, casein or milk protein solids in it you cannot have it.  Or, if you choose to avoid gluten, be careful to read labels for wheat (spelt, kamut, einkorn, bulgur, durum and semolina) oat, rye, malt (derived from barley) or barley. 
After 2 weeks you will start adding one food at a time into your diet and keep a log of how you feel.  Include both emotional (mood) and physical findings (head stuffiness, post-nasal drip achiness, etc).  In addition, state if this was an easy or difficult task and if you noticed a difference eliminating the food or adding the food back into your diet.    
This should be submitted as a 2 page typed report.  Please be sure to include if, based on your results, you think you were allergic to the food you eliminated.


Allowable alcohol on gluten free diet:
gin, rum, tequila, vodka, cider, wine, and distilled vinegars

Not allowed 

beer, porter, stout ale or anything fermented using malt

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