Read the article, Yancer, D. A. (2012). Betrayed trust: Healing a broken hospital through servant leadership. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 36(1), 63-80. doi:110.1097/NAQ.0b013e3123b458b. (see attachment)
Write a paper that is 4 to 5-pages in length, excluding the student title page and reference list. 
Use this content outline to guide the paper:
Assessment of Situation
State of Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in 1999
Vote of “no-confidence”
Recommended Interventions
Effectiveness of Interventions
Leadership Styles
Servant Leadership
Transformational Leadership
Most Effective Leadership Style
Application to Current/Future Nursing Practice
Use these discussion questions to guide the content of the paper (see attachment)
Support your ideas with evidence from the module learning materials or other references.
Follow APA Style Requirements for Writing Style, Mechanics of Style, Headings (Level 1), Margins (1 inch), Font (11 or 12), Line Spacing (double spaced), In-text citations, Student Title Page, and a Reference List.

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