ENG 125 Introduction to Literature Final Assignment Week 5

ENG 125 Introduction to Literature Final Assignment Week 5


Why Write a Literary Analysis?
Literature teaches us about the value of conflict. We experience conflict in our personal relationships and in our interactions with society. A literary analysis helps us recognize the conflict at work in literature; this gives us greater insight into the personal conflicts that we face. In addition learning how to closely read analyze and critique a text is beneficial beyond a literature course in that it improves our writing reading and critiquing abilities overall.
How to Write a Literary Analysis
It is important to understand that some conflicts in literature might not always be obvious. Considering how an author addresses conflict via literary techniques can reveal other more complex conflicts or different kinds of conflicts that interact in multiple ways. Analyzing those more complicated elements can help you discover what literature represents about the human experience and condition. With this in mind consider that your thesis might be a claim about how conflict is represented in a work whether through character setting or tone. This is not a personal reflection on conflict in general or a conflict you face but an analysis of how literary elements are used to express a conflict in a given literary workin this case a short story.
The literary analysis should be organized around your rough draft and thesis statement. Your thesis is the controlling idea of the entire essay. In the Week One assignment you submitted a proposal in which you chose a topic based on the List of Writing Prompts. You also identified a short story to analyze from the List of Literary Works. In Week Two you compiled an annotated bibliography in which you identified your primary and secondary sources. In Week Three you created a rough draft and revised your working thesis. You also incorporated research into this draft.
Assignment Instructions
In Week Five of this course you will submit a five-page Literary Analysis in response to one of the topics from the approved List of Writing Prompts.In this assignment you will refine that thesis and essay even further and develop your argument. You are required to incorporate your instructors feedback in your Final Paper and to take peer feedback into consideration.
In your paper
MAKE sure to refer to the TEXT and resources provided. I have attached my proposal and annotated bibliography to use.
Text: Clugston R. W. (2014).Journey into literature (2nd ed.) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/
If you have any questions in regards to this DQ please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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