devil in the white city reading portfolio

June 8, 2021

Read a very short story (five and a half pages) to write an essay.
The following are the requirements for this essay:
In a 4-6 page paper, amalyze how a story from this unit – through its specific language, characters and/or plot – makes a general claim about identity and culture.What do you believe the author is using the story to say about identity and culture influence us?Argue for the vaildity of your interpretation using evidence frm the text.
Focus Questions For Specific Texts: (these are meant to help you generate ideas – you may choose to adress one or more of these in your argument, and/or you may choose to adress different ideas of your own choosing that relate towards the unit theme of “culture and identity”. (I will post the story and the questions related to the story when you contact me.)
Criteria for evaluation:
correct length(4-6 pages)
a focuse, arguable thesis statement
well-developed paragraphs and easy-to-follow organization
well-intergrated quotations, paraphrasing and summary that support your points
a consideration of alternative viewpoints and a counterargument
paper stays on topic

clear and correct sentence
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