English 101 1

English 101 1


at least 200- 300 words
adhere to the deadline 20:14 EST
Now think of a topic that you would like to write about for Essay #2.
You will write about this new topic in the first part of the Week 3 forum.
Once you state your topicuse the example in the Lesson as a guide and then work to answer these questions in the rest of this post:
Part 2:Next post your thesis statement for Essay 2 here as a one-sentence thesis statement.Please bold it and identify it so that we can all tell what it is. Make sure you are writing one sentence only and that you are not using a question. For example Should children wear uniforms in public schools? is not a thesis sentence. To be a thesis sentence the sentence must take a stand and be a declarative sentence. After you type your thesis statement discuss how you arrived at that one sentence. What process of thought led to that sentence? Did you conduct research on your topic before coming up with your thesis statement? Have you taken a stand in your thesis statement? Do you think that when you do more research on your topic your stand might change? Did you start with one thesis and evolve into another?
(It is expected in academic writing that you may need to change your thesis statement as you work on your essay. You may believe one thing only to find through research that your initial beliefs must be adjusted. Or you may have to change your topic somewhat due to available research.)

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