Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

Environment Protection Agency (EPA)


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* Describe and explain your product or service including how it addresses or leverages the wicked problem or mega trend into an opportunity that provides value for the business or organisation. Expand on the nature of the value the product or service provides.


My product is EPA n app for people to report noise polution from businesses who operate past allowed noise pollution times


Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

Victorian website: http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/




* EPAapp (powered by EPA)

* Under the following headings (based on EPA Vic’s goals):

* Clean air

* Healthy waterways

* Safe land

* Minimal disturbances to noise and odour

* All phones have microphones – have a function to test noise pollution to double-check before reporting (e.g. noisy cars)

* Users can log onto the mobile/web app to report litters and the like.

* If users are unsure of particular occurrences, there are options on the app that has FAQ’s, actions required, etc.

* App has a forum that allow ‘greenies’ to come together and discuss current events regarding people polluting, etc.

* Community-based rating system of cleanliness compared to reports on those communities (something like this).

* Call it “EnviRATE”.

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