Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis

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Option #1: Environmental Analysis 1

Using the Portfolio Project target organization (DOMINOS PIZZA) that you selected and has been approved by your instructor, complete the following three-step process:

  1. Conduct an external assessment and complete either an External Factor Evaluator (EFE) or a Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM). Use the following five websites in conducting your assessment:
  1. Conduct an internal assessment and complete an Internal Factor Evaluator (IFE). Use the following documents, which may be found in the target organization’s corporate website:
    • Most current Form 10K document
    • Most current annual report
  1. Prepare a well-written paper describing the findings that you discovered byanalyzing the data from the external assessment and from the internal assessment. Present your findings. Consider putting some of the data into a graphical display (chart, figure, table) to present information in a clear way. Use citations to substantiate your ideas. Insert the completed matrixes as appendixes and reference them within the body of the paper according to APA standards.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Create four to six pages in length, organized, and well-written in conformity with APA
  • Support your answers using four to six peer-reviewed articles/professional sources in addition to the textbook.
  • Include a title page, section headers, introduction, conclusion, and reference page.
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