environmental impact

environmental impact

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Assignment Content

  1. Note:

    In the Wk 1 – Environmental Impact Matrix assignment, you analyzed the life cycle of a common product, and you now have an idea of the impact an ordinary purchase can have on the environment. In this week’s assignment, you will further discuss the environmental impact of the product you selected.

    Refer to your completed Environmental Impact Matrix and
    write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you explain your findings.

    Address the following in your paper:

    • What impact does the product have on the environment? Consider the materials/processes that must be used to deliver the product to the consumer.
    • Describe how individual choices and/or behavior contribute to or diminish environmental sustainability.
    • How can you or your community reduce your impact on the environment as it relates to this product?

    Use at least 1 outside reference.

    Submit your assignment.


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