Essay 219

Essay 219


visit: http://norml.org/) Why do you think marijuana is such a popular drug? What are some of the alleged benefits of using marijuana? What are some of the risks and negative effects associated with marijuana? What are the main reasons why some individuals and organizations propose marijuana decriminalization? Explain whether or not you think that marijuana should be decriminalized or legalized and why.
LENGTH: Each forum post should be a minimum of 6 to 8 paragraphs long. Each paragraph should have 5 to 8 sentences with proper English. Do not post foul language and photographs. This section of the rubric is worth 6 points.
CONTENT: The content in your posts is important. If you use material from the text or outside source please cite appropriately. You can state your opinion based on experience comments can be controversial. You can reply to any post agree or disagree. We are looking for spirited comments. This section of the rubric is worth 10 points.

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