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essay 3374657 2 – Essay Writers


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March 7, 2021

American Government 19661841

March 7, 2021

IPS Integration Essay Instructions
IPS Integration Essay: Cognate/Career Synthesis Incorporating a Christian Worldview
General Instructions: This final essay will synthesize chosen cognates with a view to career application and a Christian worldview. The following parameters are to be followed:
·       Essay Form
1.     5–7 pages
2.     Formatting style preferred by your favored cognate department—noted on Cover Page (APA, Turabian, MLA, etc.)
3.     Minimum of 6 sources (may include lecture notes, course readings, etc.)
4.     Cover Page: Name, Course/Section, Date, Cognates Listing, Paper Title, Chosen Formatting Style, Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for INDS 400 Capstone Course
5.     Essay form—See the Assignment Instructions folder for a sample IPS Integration Essay.
6.     Introduction
7.     Body
8.     Summary
9.     Conclusion
·       An integrative device such as an analogy/metaphor must be used within the body of the essay as a vehicle for clarity. (For example, for an essay from a female with Business/Communications cognates, the Proverbs 31 woman could be used.)
·       Conclusions must clarify career aspirations/plans/desires which incorporate chosen cognates all of which must also be filtered through a Christian worldview.
·       Prepare your Integration Essay as a Microsoft Word document; title the document “INDS 400_section#_Name_IPS Integration Essay” and upload as a file into the submission area in the Module/Week 6 assignment folder.

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