Write an essay for 2 of the 3 prompts.

Essay Requirements:

Submit 1 ½ – 2 pages for each question. Three paragraphs minimum. 12 point font. Single spaced. Be sure and include the numbers of the questions you answer.

Essay Prompts:

1. As in K-12 public schools, accountability has become a major issue in higher education. Defining how to measure accountability in Texas at the college level is controversial to say the least. Some lawmakers claim success- based funding for state colleges is the answer. Graduation rates are often cited as a simple way to compare schools. Do you think higher graduation rates should result in more funding? Why or why not?

2. Texas is one of nine states without a personal income tax (the others are Alaska, Florida, Nevada New Hampshire, Tennessee, Wyoming, South Dakota and Washington. Should Texas consider implementing an income tax to keep property tax increases under control?

3. Texas does not have term limits (some local governments do). You can stay in office in Texas as long as you are reelected. Some political observers say term limits would encourage turnover and bring in new ideas and attitudes. Those who disagree believe there is institutional wisdom that would be lost if elected officials were not allowed to run for reelection after a set number of years. What is your view? Should Texas incorporate term limits?