Ethical Case Study

Question 1: 

Consider the following scenario:

An early career sport psychology consultant provided ongoing services to a club soccer team in their local community. The sport psychology consultant worked with some individual athletes on specific performance enhancement plans and conducted a few team building workshops, but the primary recipient of the services was the head coach. The consultant provided support to the coach throughout the difficult season, and education on how to best implement sport psychology principles into training.

The sport psychology consultant, being early in their career, is hoping to network within the soccer community and build up more clientele. The consultant is considering making a LinkedIn request to the coach.

For this discussion, address the following:

  • What are some ethical considerations the consultant should keep in mind related to this plan?
  • Explain whether you think the consultant should go forward with the plan and give a rationale to support your decision.
  • Explore how the situation may or may not be different if an athlete of the coach made a LinkedIn request of the coach.

Cite 2 references with appropriate APA formatting.


Question 2:

For this discussion:

  • Choose one of the ethical considerations addressed in the required readings and summarize it.
  • Explain how this concern is relevant given your plans for applying sport psychology in your future career.
  • Provide general suggestions for practitioners to avoid violating an ethical code related to the consideration. Identify a specific plan for how you will practice ethically.

Cite 2 references with appropriate APA formatting.

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