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9159For this assignment, compose a very focused, argumentative/persuasive essay with limited
research in support of your own clear purpose (and argument and audience). These are general
food-related topics (some connected to our course content); pick one, and narrow from there:
-ethics of food waste -animal ethics (solely as related to food and food production)
-ethics of pet or wild animal feeding (and food production)
First, provide objective content about the issue; then, take a clear, argumentative stance on it.
What is wrong with X? What ought to be done about X? Why? What are good reasons?
Aim at 1250 words, not including “Works Cited” page, heading, or title. The acceptable range
will be 1200-1300 words. Count from the intro’s first word to the conclusion’s last word.
No more than 6 sources will be allowed. No more than 10 in-text citations will be allowed.
Develop your own writing primarily; support with researched material when necessary/helpful.
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