• Identify a test category that is relevant to your academic specialization or a related profession. The List of Tests by Type [DOCX] identifies the 11 categories you may choose from. They include:
    • (1) Intelligence/cognitive abilities.
    • (2) Achievement/aptitude.
    • (3) Personality.
    • (4) Behavior.
    • (5) Adaptive behavior.
    • (6) Neuropsychological.
    • (7) Career/business/organization.
    • (8) Autism.
    • (9) Depression.
    • (10) Preschool.
    • (11) Behavior analytic skill assessments.
    • Select three tests from a single category using the List of Tests by Type [DOCX].
      • Note: If you have an interest in a particular test that is not on this list, then you may submit a request to your instructor to include it in your first assignment with two other tests on the list in the same category. Your instructor will review it and determine if you may proceed with including that test in your assignment or recommend that you select three tests from the list.
      • Compare and contrast these three tests based on the following:
  • The purpose for testing, the content, skills, or constructs assessed and evaluated based on one’s area of specialization or a related profession.
  • The normative sample, sampling procedures, and the intended population and evaluation based on the anticipated populations served by one’s specialization or related profession.
  • The training required to administer, score, and interpret and evaluate based on one’s anticipated assessment training or the training of a related profession.
  • References: A minimum of nine references are required for this assignment.
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