1. Read the case study and become familiar with the key points of the situation without adopting a position on the case. Read as carefully and objectively as you can.

2. After becoming familiar with the case, note the main issues as you see them. Prompts or questions will be provided to help you focus on these.

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Evolution and Revolution

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3. Identify the key problems and their root causes.

4. What made BrightStar successful?

5.What made Shelly Sun successful?  What has Sun done well and what has she not done well so far?  What role, in any, has gender played in Sun’s leadership journey?

6.Through how many stages has BrightStar evolved?  What were they and what did Sun have to change at each of those stages?

7.Which of Greiner’s stages of organizational growth has BrightStar reached at the end of the time period covered in the case?  (pair with Greiner’s “Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow.”

Maximum length of the analysis is 4-5 pages,12-pt, double spaced and prepared in accordance with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

For more information on Evolution and Revolution read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution/Revolution

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