Executive brief report | Management homework help

Executive brief report | Management homework help


  • Written Executive Briefing Report:   Please summarize your topic and the most important takeaway lessons from your group’s research. The emphasis should be on concrete recommendations and action steps for your classmates to learn from and use when facing similar situations. Include brief references for anyone seeking additional information.
  • PLEASE, focus your project on sharing a learning experience and its applicability and relevance. 
  • This document should appear like a formal document.  If the document does not look professional, points will be deducted.  Grammatical errors and lack of clarity in your explanation will also cause a reduction in points.  Be as clear and concise as possible.
  • Please submit your Group’s Executive Briefing in CANVAS.     Only one group member needs to submit. Once submitted, the dropbox will not be available for submissions.

Five-page maximum, double spaced,  with sources/references cited.

Your Executive Briefing should include: 

  • Subject/issue:  A concise statement of the subject or issue and identifies why this topic is important
  • Background: Give information on past events or issues to provide context.  How did we get here?  What previous actions were taken?  EXPERIENCE 
  • Current status:  Explain the current situation, who is involved, what decisions are being made, etc.
  • Key information:  Summarize important facts, considerations, and developments in an unbiased manner.  You want to include all of the important information needed for the audience to make a decision about the issue.  Provide evidence and double-check your facts.
  • Options/recommendations:  Share the pros and cons of the options and provide any clear, direct, and evidence-based recommendations. THINGS WE SHOULD DO AND DONT’S  IN A SALARY INCREASE
  • Conclusion:  Summarize the key takeaway lessons from your group’s research.
  • Appendix:  include any charts or graphics or additional relevant information.
  • References / Sources:  indicate all references and sources of information used. BOOK 

The Truth about Negotiations, 2nd edition
Leigh Thompson
FT Press, 2nd edition, July 2013
Print ISBN: ISBN-10: 0133353443   
ISBN-13: 978-0133353440

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