Executive briefing | Information Systems homework help

Executive briefing | Information Systems homework help


Select a topic from one of the questions from the list below or come up with your own. Answer the question or topic by focusing on the management or business implications of the topic, rather than simply defining the technology. You may role play, take a position of pro/con, build the business case, or compare/contrast. Pick a topic that might relate to a project at work. You may include work-related information if it helps. Prepare a short executive briefing (limit of 4 pages, double spaced, 12-point font) on the topic. Use preferred citation method (APA, MLA, etc). Please include references. 

Sample Executive Briefing Topics:

1. Your IT costs have risen dramatically. You are considering outsourcing an IT function or software development. Which vendors would make your short list and where would you locate the project? 

2. What steps could you take to improve the quality of the information from an internal application?

3. Prepare the summary business case for selecting and implementing an ______ initiative. CRM SCM HRMS ERP Retail BI 

4. What is “cloud computing” and how can it help our enterprise?

5. Prepare an executive briefing on our options for physical security and disaster recovery for our databases. 

6. What is mobile computing and how do you support information management flows in a mobile environment?

7. How will evolving social networks impact how businesses manage information?

8. What is open-source software and why would we consider this an option for our infrastructure?

9. How can wireless, mobile and or radio frequency applications be used in our business?

10. What key performance indicators (kpi) would you have on your digital dashboard? Design the dashboard.

11. What are the emerging trends in SSL security and encryption techniques?

12. What are we doing to protect our customer information from potential breach?

13. How can we recruit and retain IT talent?

14. How does Big Data differ from data approaches of the past?

15. How can we align out IT strategy with our corporate strategy?

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