Executive Summary


Congratulations!  You have been appointed by the President as the new United States Ambassador to the United Nations.  As part of your duties, you have been asked to write a policy brief that relative merits of two countries that have been nominated to fill a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council and specifying which of the two you believe is the best choice for the position.  Although this paper may differ a bit from a policy brief that you might write if you were a researcher or lobbyist, the assignment will give you important background on how to research and write this format, which is commonly used in government-related positions.  You will also be presenting your views in a multimedia format, something that is increasingly expected by employers.

Please note: Select your two countries by the end of Week 2 and report them to your instructor. 

Choose one of the five regions listed at the United Nations statistical website.  Once you’ve selected your region, choose two countries other than the United States. Some regions will have more than two candidates and some regions have more seats than nominees.  For the purposes of this assignment, however, you are to assume that the two nations you select are competing for a single opening in their region.  

Executive Summary due this week

Prepare an executive summary your policy brief. Your executive summary is a one-page statement of the problem, the purpose of your policy brief, and a summary of the results, conclusions and recommendations. 


Thesis Statement: Based on a comprehensive evaluation of their human rights records and commitment to upholding international human rights standards, Gabon is the superior choice for a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council compared to the Democratic Republic of Congo.



Use this thesis statement that you can even revisit in a better way to find a topic for this policy paper and mostly to do the executive summary by following the instruction please!!!

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