Explain all the principles that define codon-anticodon interactions with examplesBriefly explain the observation for all the four different experiment setup. Think about the specificity of the enzyme lactase in formulating your answer for the test tube with maltose [4 marks] PART 3: Lactase Activity Materials Test tubes Whole milk Maltose Benedict’s solution Lactaid tablets Mortar and pestle Procedure: 1. Obtain 4 test tubes. Fill 2 test tube halfway with milk, and the other 2 with maltose. 2. Add 1/2 of Lactaid tablet that has been chop into pieces to one of test tube that contain milk and maltose. Swirl and be sure to mix well. 3. Observe what happens in each test tube after 30 minutes. The enzyme needs time to work. 4. Test all 4 test tubes for the presence of glucose by adding 2 ml of Benedict’s solution to each of test tube. 5. Place all tubes in gently boiling water-bath for 3 min and observe colour changes during this time 6. After 3 min, remove the tubes from the water bath and let them cool to room temperature. 7. Assuming the observed results are as shown in table below. Test tube Treatment Colour changes 1 2 3 4 Milk only Milk + lactaid Maltose only Maltose + lactaid No Yes No No Instructions: Assuming you had carried out the experiment aforementioned and answer the following questions: