explanation of China-Africa relations,

explanation of China-Africa relations,


The essay must be informed by the research of scholars and specialists, which is typically published in peer-reviewed academic journals and books. There are multiple academic journals and book resources in the University of Regina library, including electronic databases, which report the findings of research. Do subject and key word searches for the topic, for example, China and Africa economic relations, in order to identify the relevant journals and other sources of information. Seek the assistance of the librarians if you need help!
To help you with this assignment and to provide a solid context for a comprehensive
explanation of China-Africa relations, please proceed as follows:
1. Read:
a) The journal article by Rich, T.S. and Recker, S. (2013) entitled“Understanding Sino-African Relations: Neocolonialism or a New Era?” inJournal of International and Area Studies, Vol.20. No.1,pp. 61-76, as an example of “a middle-of-the-road/win-win” discussion of China-Africa relations. Note that there are other perspectives that question the balanced/win-win approach and instead emphasize the skewed benefits of this relationship for China, and the heavy costs for African countries.
b) The short article by Manuel, Anja (2017) entitled “China is quietly reshaping the world”belt-and-road/542667/ that describes the emerging scale of China’s ties with the rest of the world and some of the implications.
2. Do further library research to gather the key research-based material that would substantiate and support your arguments and discussion relating to the topic;
3. Prepare a one-page research proposal/plan that outlines:
a) The title of the essay;
b) The thesis statement (central idea/overall argument) of the essay. The thesis statement is the overall (overarching) assertion/point regarding the topic, and the rationale for making that assertion/point;
c) The objectives/goals that would be met by the essay in order to comprehensively address the topic and its related thesis statement;
d) The argument/discussion you intend to make under each objective/goal and the sources you intend to use in support of each argument/discussion.An excellent exercise would be to identify the thesis statement (and rationale), and the objectives of the journal article by Rich, T.S. and Recker, S. (2013) entitled “Understanding Sino-African Relations: Neocolonialism or a New Era?” in Journal of International and Area Studies, Vol.20. No.1,pp. 61-76;2
4. Append a reference list to the plan. Note that a minimum of 5 reputable academic sources, e.g. academic journal articles, is required;

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