Explicate this passage by Rose Schneiderman (it comes from Todd’s “Remembering the Unknowns”). You answer should include a brief discussion of Schneiderman, who she was and the context in which she was speaking. (You should find this information in the article and not on Wikipedia.) Who was she talking to when she made this speech? What does she mean when she says that public officials “have the workhouse just back of all their warnings”? Why does she say that she “can’t talk fellowship” with those who organized the meeting (and were sitting in the orchestra seats)? Your answer should include a discussion of social class.

​I would be a traitor to those poor burned bodies if I were to come

​here and talk good fellowship. . . . We have tried you citizens; we

​are trying you now and you have a couple of dollars for the sorrowing

​mothers and brothers and sisters by way of a charity gift. But every

​time the workers come out in the only way they to protest against

​conditions which are unbearable, the strong hand of law is allowed to

​press down heavily upon us. Public officials have only words of warning

​or us – warning that we must be intensely peaceable, and they have the

​workhouse just back of all their warnings. The strong hand of the law

​beats us back when we rise. . .. I can’t talk fellowship to you who are

​gathered here. Too much blood has been spilled. I know from my

experience it is up to the working people to save themselves. And the

only way is through a strong working-class movement (Todd, 67).