exposition of Thompson’s view

exposition of Thompson’s view


If you open he document I picked point number 4 that is highlighted in the middle of the paper. A short introduction. This is your opportunity to introduce your reader to the topic and your thesis. Briefly explain the topic you will engage and give your reader a sense of how your paper is structured. What can he or she expect to encounter in what follows? • An explicit thesis statement. This is the claim that you will be arguing for in the essay. Be as clear and explicit as possible. (E.g. “In what follows, I will argue that _____________”) • An exposition of Thompson’s view. You need not go into great detail. • An argument for your thesis statement. • A well-motivated critical reply to your own argument. As you get more familiar with reading philosophy, you will notice that considering and replying to possible criticisms is one of the most common and effective strategies for defending one’s own argument. Ask yourself: “What is the best criticism that an intelligent, well-informed critic of my view could offer?” Once you’ve got the criticism in hand, reply to it. Demonstrate that the criticism does not, in fact, undermine your thesis or argument. • A response to the criticism.

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