Expound Music Therapy in Nursing Homes.

Expound Music Therapy in Nursing Homes.


Paper instructions:

Title: Completion of Problem-Based Action Research Plan

The subject will be on the impact of music therapy (technological devices, bands, theatres with music videos, bird/nature sound rooms, concerts, worship rooms, etc…) on the behaviors of lived experiences in the lives of elderly in nursing homes.

Action Research Proposal Outline

I. Introduction

A. Context- background information that created the problem

B. Problem Statement

C. Research Question(s) – the relationship between the independent and dependent variables that you wish to examine in this research

D. Summary description of intervention and research method.

II. Literature Review

A. Relevant literature that you have reviewed to support the identified problem

B. The particular perspective that you will use in this action research.

III. Method – Look, Think, Act cycle

A. Sample, i.e., whom will you include as stakeholders that will either conduct your intervention/evaluation or be a part of it.

B. Research Procedures

1. Data sources that you will use

2. Data collection procedures that you will use

C. Describe the intervention in detail, i.e., how will you manipulate the independent variables

D. Data Collection – Describe in detail (so that someone else could do it if you went on vacation and they would not have to call you with questions-your classmate can help with this) how you will collect the data, explain why you chose those procedures with APA style references.

E. Data Analysis – explain how and why (with APA style references) you will analyze and present each type of data that you collect.

IV. Results (This will be a fictitious summary)

A. Describe the results of the analysis of the data from each data source

B. Describe the application to the initial research question

C. Suggest either a second cycle or theorize its completion

V. Conclusions

A. Were the results consistent with what the literature predicted or not – explain carefully.

B. What are the implications for your own context and what are the implications for others

C. What are the implications for additional research, i.e., what type of additional research should follow-up on the results of your study?

D. Describe the most important strategy that must be used when completing an Action Research process.

Should be 3000-3500 words and should include at least 10 citations. The sections should be clearly marked with headings so the instructor knows which points are addressed. Follow the guidelines for APA 7 writing style. The title page and references page do not count towards the minimum word amount for this assignment. Times Roman Numeral 12 for font and 1″ margins.

I have attached some information with ideas and things to include in the paper.

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