Discussion Post and 2 Peer Responses

As governments and political leaders respond to economic and political changes, they create incentives for companies to do business within their market and restrictions for certain businesses that could be harmful to the domestic market. In this discussion, you will explore how these incentives and restrictions have influenced and can continue to influence trade and the impact of government interventions on business.

First, read the following articles:

Trade Tensions with India and China Put California Almond Growers at Risk
Trade War: U.S.-China Trade Battle in Charts
In your initial post, address the following as part of your response:

Provide an example of government economic intervention designed to influence, regulate, or control trade for a specific industry from one of the articles and summarize the government’s reasons for the interventions.
Identify which parties and organizations were or will be impacted by the government intervention, including any impacts on the price of commodities.
Briefly summarize key pieces of information a business in the industry from your example needs to know to fully understand how the intervention will affect its business.
In your responses to two or more of your peers, use these questions to your peer’s post to guide your responses:

How can a business take advantage of the government interventions identified by your peer?
Did the government accomplish its goals for the economic interventions?
What were unintended consequences of the government intervention? Did they lead to additional government interventions?
All countries use government economic interventions. What arguments do countries that support free trade make to justify their economic interventions?
What is the WTO’s role in promoting global free trade and ruling on the fairness of tariffs?

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