Human Resources Management in Tourism and Hospitality

You are working as an HR consultant. The Hotel Director of a large hotel came to you to expressed disappointment that the Front Office Manager resigned, right after the Housekeeping manager was let go before the end of his probation. The main issue is not that the Front Office Manager left but that during the last 3 years, both roles in Front Office and Housekeeping had to be filled 4 times either because the manager was not fit for purpose or because they left for another industry. In fact most management positions had the same issues. From your conversation you’ve discovered that the hotel director always recruited British men for all management positions, preferably with a MBA. Although this is not written anywhere as this would break the law, you know that this is one of the root cause of the problem. Furthermore, the Hotel Director also insisted that he alone should make the final decision and all recruited the last 2 managers against the advice of the HR manager of the hotel. After consulting the exit interviews you found out that:  Most managers left for better salaries, mostly in other industry.  Several also felt that they were burnout and were lacking motivation, in particular almost not performance feedback had been done  Several supervisor and managers left due to the lack of promotions  Several managers left because they found that they were not capable of running their departments, mostly due to the number of non-UK citizens within their departments.


You, and 2 colleagues, at the consultancy firmware decided to hold a meeting with the HR director and set on the following agenda:

a. Redesign the criteria and characteristics for future managers

b. Explain some of the legal considerations and propose new practices for the recruitment process

c. Explain the common issues faced by HR managers within the industry

d. Propose a new performance management system

e. Explain motivations strategies and propose a new reward system linked to the performance management system

f. Explain the concept of psychological contract and how career developments and lifelong learning are now part of it. g. Explain how different cultures might be motivated differently and how culture influences behavior and attitude h. Summarise the importance of cultural diversity and its benefits

i. Provide some methods to manage a diverse workforce

One of you will need to take minutes of the meeting.


1x meeting with the Hotel Director. – circa 30-40 minutes


Meeting minute