Research Presentation
For the purpose of this assignment, you have to choose a topic within business and professional communication on which you will deliver a 12-15 minutes long research presentation. Just like the job interview presentation (Assignment #1), this presentation should be delivered in the form of a manuscript that contains, word for word, the entire presentation. The manuscript should be 1,200-1,500 words (excluding the bibliography).

It is important that the entire presentation is based on and includes credible research. By credible research, I mean actual research data in the form of statistics as recorded in scholarly research studies. Simply put, every claim you make in the presentation should be backed up by actual research data from relevant research studies. You can access such research studies via Google Scholar. If you are in doubt about whether the material you have collected is appropriate for the presentation, ask me via email. It is also important that the presentation is value-neutral. You are not arguing a point; you are simply informing the audience in an objective manner of what is known about the topic.

You can choose any subject within business and professional communication; the most important thing, again, is that the entire presentation is based on credible research, which is summarized and discussed during the presentation.

The presentation should have an introduction, a main part, and a conclusion. It should also include a bibliography of all the material on which it is based. Here is what you need to do in each part of the presentation:

The Introduction
Introduce the topic of your presentation by explaining its importance and discuss how the rest of your presentation is organized. The presentation should have a logical flow, which is clearly explained and justified.

The Main Part
In the main part of the presentation, you provide a comprehensive and nuanced review of what research has discovered about your chosen topic, nicely organized into sub-topics, which you clearly introduce to the listener. It is important that your properly integrate and synthesize the research data that you discuss instead of simply discussing one individual study after the other. The presentation should have a coherent story line and be organized into main points and sub-points. Do not mention the names of researchers, their affiliations, or make any methodological comments. Just focus on the actual research data which should be included in the presentation.

The Conclusion
You should end the presentation by summarizing your main points and discussing any gaps in the research that future researchers should address.

The Bibliography

Please include an alphabetized list of all the material on which your presentation is based.

List of topics to choose for research presentation:
Bullying in the workplace

Business etiquette

Corporate whistleblowing

Differences between male and female leadership styles and approaches to conflict-resolution

Economic and non-economic sources of employee motivation

Employee morale and turnover

Employee productivity

Employers’ use of social media during the hiring process

High performance teams in the workplace

Intercultural differences in business and professional communication

Intergenerational differences among employees

Research on the advantages and disadvantages of telework

Social media advertising and marketing

The impact of attire in the workplace

The diverse workplace

The economics of corporate social responsibility

The relationship between office layout and employee interaction

Work-life balance