“Family class” immigrant

“Family class” immigrant


Question 1:
Identify and discuss five of the following in your own words, each in one paragraph. Where appropriate, please provide an example:
2.Crude birth and death rates
3.World systems and dependency theories
4.Population density
5.S-shaped curve
6.Malthusian theory
7.Fertility transition theory
8.Immigration and emigration
10.“Family class” immigrant
Question 2:
Why do we need to find a more appropriate model to explain population growth? In your explanation, evaluate the five existing theories presented in these modules and your textbook. Your answer should be approximately 500 words (two double-sided pages).
Question 3:
In Question 3, you will construct and interpret demographic data using population data from 2015. Using the following three tables, construct three pyramids, one for each of Nunavut and British Columbia, and one for Canada as a whole. When you are finished, compare the pyramids and answer the following questions

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