Project Description:

Currently, the world is going through a crazy epidemic (COVID-19). I hope all is well and are being safe. There are numerous data available online about COVID-19, such as COVID new cases per state, fatalities per country. As a data scientist, you are in charge of building an interactive chart that depicts numerous angles (at least three).  



1. Data Acquisition, Examination, and Transformation.

a. Collect the dataset you are planning to use within your project.

b. Data Examination 

i. Examine the dataset to determine how you want to create an interactivity design and briefly explain your Solution.

c. If needed, perform Data Transformation

i. Perform data transformation techniques such as data cleansing, conversion, creation, and consolidation on the dataset.

ii. Record the transformation activities you performed on your dataset.

2. Data Exploration

a. Decide how you want to present the data.  

b. Decide the tool you would like to create the interactive Solution. The tool could be a developer’s tool or non-developer’s tool.

c. If you are not familiar with the tool, complete a tutorial. The reference below includes links to different types of interactive tools and tutorials.

3. Interactive Solution

a. Design and develop an interactive solution.

b. Explain the challenge you encounter.

c. Explain how to avoid such occurrence when and if you decide to go live/production.

4. Proposed Dynamic Solution

a. Explain how you would modify your solutions that allow the data to change (dynamic) with a database continually.