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1. Ch. 28 – Agency Law. Write a letter to employee Jeremiah Smith advising him of his duties as an agent of Rodda Paint Corp. based upon the chapter. Explain it to him in words he can understand – your own words.
2. Ch. 29 – Employment Law.  Pick 5 protections for employees from this chapter – focus on those that you find most interesting or useful to you – and write at least 5 sentences (and no more than ½ a page single spaced) about why you chose them.
3. Ch. 38 – Antitrust. Imagine yourself as a business owner. Identify 5 ways in which Antitrust law will impact your business plan (describe things you can or cannot do because of the antitrust laws described in the chapter.)
4. Chapter 43. Real Property and Landlord-Tenant Law. Tell me 5 things that you did not know about the chapter.
5.Find a case online that illustrates a point in one of the 4 chapters (Agency, Employment, Antitrust, Real Property and Landlord Tenant Law), preferably one that interests you. Describe it here. Review others’ posts for learning purposes – comment if moved to do so.

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