Finding answers of my midterm study guide

Finding answers of my midterm study guide

I don’t understand this History question and need help to study.

I have a history midterm exam coming up and I’m too busy to find the answer of my study guid questions, I really need someone to find the answers of these questions correctly from the “ Of the People, A History of the United States” fourth edition. I copy pasted the study guid here:

Midterm Study guide(Exam #1 )

Study Sources: textbooks and lecture notes, but the exam will be closed books and notes. Please bring a green book and an ink pen for the exam in class.

Part I: “mini essays” definitions––identify and tell who, what, when, and/ or why 8 of the following are important (5 points each for a possible total of 40 points possible). 30 of the following terms will be on the exam.

Columbian Exchange

Francis Drake

Five Nations or Great League of Peace

Samuel de Champlain


Henry Hudson

New Amsterdam

New Sweden

Peter Stuyvesant

Beaver Wars

joint-stock company


John Rolfe


Christopher Newport

John Smith



Oliver Cromwell

Glorious Revolution

William Penn

Nathaniel Bacon


Metacom, or King Philip

Half-Way Covenant


Edmund Andros

Salem Village

Samuel Parris

spectral evidence

Great Awakening

middle passage

industrious revolution

consumer revolution


land pressure

indentured servitude

William Byrd II

Stono Rebellion

James Oglethorpe



Richard Hakluyt

Part II Essay: Write on ONE of the following topics for a possible total of 60 points. Be sure to describe and highlight the important points of each term, and point out the historical significance of each. Both of the following questions will appear on the exam. You can copy paste the answers from the book, it’s ok. I just need the correct answers to memorize these and get and A in the exam

1.Compare and contrast the Spanish, English, Dutch, French, and other colonization enterprises in North America. Discuss the differences and similarities in the colonial policies of France, the Netherlands, and England. Describe the development of the fur trade and its role in relations between American Indians and European colonizers. Considering the Chesapeake and New England colonies, contrast the economic activities, Indian relations, and roles of the family in each. Why did so many of the first colonists in Virginia perish? Discuss the problems that gave rise to Bacon’s Rebellion in Virginia. Describe the ways that King Philip’s War and the witchcraft craze affected New England.

2.The account of Mary Jemison is considered by many historians to be important because, among many other things, it illuminates Iroquoian Indian life. Recount the life of Mary Jemison and the historical context of her captivity among the Seneca Indians and describe the specific roles of women in the culture of the Seneca people.

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