Finish the 3 tasks. Financial modeling with excel

Finish the 3 tasks. Financial modeling with excel

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Task 1:

(1) The daily returns of five different stocks as well as thedaily returns of the S&P 500 are given. Convert the data to an Excel table and rename the table “TableDailyReturns.” In the space provided, give the reason for why the source data should be converted to an Excel table.

(2)Create a scatter plot of stock returns (y-axis) and market returns (S&P 500; x-axis) and use option buttons to dynamically select the stock for the plot. (The y-axis should not move as a different stock is selected.)

(3)Add a linear trend line(the characteristic line)that also displays R2 and equation.

(4) Make sure the chart title automaticallychanges when you select a different stock. The title must include the company name and the beta of the stock selected.(For example, “Amazon Characteristic Line with Beta = 1.62.”)

Task 2:

(1) The dataset below contains sales information for company XYZ. Convert the dataset to an Excel table and use it to generate a pivot table to show the relationship between average income and the product purchased. Format the pivot table to show $ sign and round to the second decimal place.

Sort the outcome by average income from the highest to the lowest but exclude “Other.”

(2) Generate another pivot table to show the impact of home ownership and number of childern on the total amount of purchases made. Make sure the summary values are displayed in $ as well as in % of the grand total.

(3) Add a calculated field to show purchase as a percentage of income, name it “Spending Over Income.” Use a pivot table to show the average Spending Over Income by gender and marital status.

(4) In the space provided, write your conclusion from the results of (1), (2), and (3) above.

(5) Create a histogram with pivot chart of average purchases against income, where income is grouped from $10,000 to$190,000 with every $10,000 as a group. Insert a timeline to help filter thedata by date

Task 3:

1. Use a stacked column chart to create a fundraising meter.

2. Add a scroll bar (which works the same way as a spin button) and link it to the amount raised.

a. The amount to be raised should be a formula.

b. The vertical axis should not move as the amount raised changes.

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