Case Study   Project

(first draft and revised draft)


For this final project you will continue with the social issue that you   selected (language and power; freedom and security; health and wealth)   and you will write an essay where you discuss your perspective. You will use   the ideas and information from the summary-response and the quote log to   write your case study. You will submit a first draft and a revised draft of   this assignment.



Grammar and Mechanics

Sources and Documentation

Format and Length


Sample     Header and Title for Assignment Submissions

Kim Lee (student’s name)
Case Study Project, revised draft (assignment     name)

Education Doesn’t Mean     Empowerment (title)

Due Date and Grade Percentage

The first draft of this project is due by the end of Week 6. The first draft is ungraded, but you will receive valuable feedback from your instructor.

The revised draft is due by the end of Week 8.   The revised draft of this project is worth 30% of your final course grade.

Connection to other Course Assignments