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Second World War Discussion


For this week’s discussion, you must have completed reading Chapter 13, pages 345-368 and Chapter 14, pages 373-390 in the Pavlac textbook and viewed the lesson in Week 7.

  1. Leading up to WWII, Japan, Italy and Germany participated in particularly aggressive acts. How did these decisions create the conditions for the upcoming global war?
  2. Other than the Holocaust and the dropping of the atomic bomb, what was the most important event of World War II, in your opinion? Why did you choose this one? Be sure to support your opinion with historical facts,
  3. Both during World War II and its aftermath. As we have seen many times by now, history is a road of related events that lead us continuously onward, toward the next situation. In your opinion, was there anything that could have been done or handled differently to prevent the outbreak of the Cold War? If so, what, and how could it have been changed?
  4. Life during the Cold War varied depending on the country in which an individual lived. Choose one Communist and one non-Communist nation and discuss the daily life of their citizens. How did people cope with the tense political situation on a day-to-day basis?
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