For your final paper, you will perform a negotiation outside of class. Your task is to choose a
situation that is of interest to you and lends itself to performing and analyzing the negotiation.
In writing the final paper, be sure to demonstrate your knowledge of relevant concepts, theories,
and frameworks presented in this course. Your paper should begin with an explicit statement of the
specific objective of the negotiation that you performed.

The body of the text should be devoted to:
1) description of the negotiation process (how did you prepare and carry out the negotiation and
what was the outcome)

2) analysis of how it went (what skills that you learned in class were
helpful or unhelpful, what could you have done better, what lessons were learned that you will be
able to apply in the future, etc.).

Be sure that you explain the impact that selected course concepts have had on your thinking about the situation you have chosen to write about. Papers will be graded on several factors including creativity, the use of negotiation theory and class material, preparation, presentation, and identifying important lessons.